DanZQuest Dance Studio
Wilmington, NC





“Where Dance and Family are ONE”!

100 Spartan Drive Unit 2&3 Wilmington, NC 28405

910-397-2822 / www.danzquest.com


What to Expect Your First Week

1. This will all settle down after the first 2 weeks of dance.  The lobby is packed! 

2. A minimum of 4 students is required for each class.  Classes often have to change time, depending on the number of students. Please be patient! There is A LOT of switching around (making sure students are in the right classes) and parents are settling into a NEW dance schedule for the year.

3. This helps to make students comfortable and the teachers can see if they are in the correct class. The first few weeks of dance are a review (like in school) and everyone is getting comfortable with new classes and teachers.

4. The teachers will help dancers change their shoes in the middle of class.  Please label shoes! Please put all other shoes in the dance bag that they will bring in with them. Combo classes (tap/jazz. tap/ballet, tap/creative movement) will need to have on their tap shoes each week when entering the class.

5. If dancers are placed into classes that are not correct for them….DO NOT WORRY…we will find the right class

6. It is not uncommon to have a few dancers on the hip the first month of class! This is very normal and the teachers are used to this and they are trained to get children quickly on task. The younger dancer will often have some anxiety the first few weeks.

7. Please be careful to watch for children!  This is something that CANNOT be helped. Parking is one of the complaints that most parents have.

8.  Please be ON TIME for class!  Teachers will gladly take them but it is very disruptive! Parents please have students use the bathroom BEFORE class!

9. If you are running late please call the studio. However, you must be here to pick them up when class is over. You DO NOT have to stay in the lobby while your child is in class.

10. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask the secretary at the desk. DanZQuest wants your dance experience to be a positive and rewarding experience.